Community Life Commission

Our parish is blessed with more than 40 active ministries which are grouped together under five
commissions. The purpose of the commissions and ministries is to carry out the parish mission:

We, the community of STVF, members of the Roman Catholic Church, a parish of believers in Jesus
Christ,are called in our daily lives to a way of worshipping and living,to impact family, neighborhood and society with the Gospel so that people's lives may be filled with Faith, Hope and Love.

Christian hospitality flows out of the good news that Christ is in you and Christ is in me. Once we grasp this truth, it forever changes us. This truth leads us to a loving service that provides an environment where we know we are at home with self and others.

Chamorro Ministry

Judy Pouncy


Contemplative Group 

Patty Rocco


Divine Mercy

David Berger


Fatima Prayer Group

Floradel Francia


Filipino Ministry

Virginia Tejada



Susana Molina


Knights of Columbus

Pete Castillo


Mujeres en Transformacion 
(Women in Transformation)

Blanca Romero


Oracion - El Milagro del Señor
(Prayer - The Miracle of the Lord)

Oscar Alegria


Rosary, Vocation Prayers & Adoration



Sacred Hearts Secular Branch

Delores Schultz



Small Faith Communities:

  1. Encourage Small Faith Communities (SFC) to meet on a regular basis. The Diocesan Office for Small Faith Communities offers help in forming communities in parishes, training leaders and providing materials.
  2. Promote adult faith formation through Small Faith Communities which offer shared study, shared experience and community service.
  3. Organize a parish core group to develop and maintain Small Faith Communities.
  4. Invite members of Small Faith Communities to explain the value and the blessing that the SFC has been in their journey of faith.
  5. Utilize the small communities in your effort to welcome the stranger.
  6. Inspire and invite others in the parish to grow spiritually through involvement in a small community.

Diverse Cultures and Gifts:

  1. Use parish census surveys to identify gifts and cultural or ethnic diversities and needs.
  2. Plan activities and workshops at the parish or deaner level that are designed to help parishioners discern their gifts and discover ways to use them.
  3. Encourage participation at liturgies and celebrations that reflect your cultural diversity. These activities should be well planned and express the spirituality of participants.
  4. Look for guidance from the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs of the Diocese. This Ministry can help parishioners and the pastoral staffs understand cultural differences and promote ways of creating community among ethnic groups.


  1. Encourage the parish itself to practice good stewardship of all the resources given to it.
  2. Develop a parish brochure listing the ministries in which parishioners can become involved.
  3. Help people to discern their gifts and talents.
  4. Create an annual opportunity for people to commit or re-commit to serve in ministries.
  5. Invite new parishioners to become involved in ministries.
  6. Provide a thank you or recognition event for those who give their time.
  7. Establish on-going stewardship education for all ages.
  8. Make stewardship a way of life.

“Whatever town you enter and they welcome you, eat what is set before you, cure the sick in it and say to them, ‘The Reign of God is at hand for you’.”

                               Luke 10:8-9



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